Each day when I open my eyes and realize it’s not you by my side, it truly kills me inside. Day to day, the motions play, my hearts not in it, for you hold the keys. However, you just don’t see, my love I think, has grown too deep to even see reality. If you felt the same, or even close at all, you wouldnt keep trying so hard, just to fall. I know the man you are, the man you said you wanted to be. Your doing none of those things and it’s killing me. I need a rock. A safe haven. A place we can be. The potential I see, it amazes me. The strength and bravery each and every day, my soldier you will always stay. Hero in my eyes, if only you could see, what it is you really do to me. I worried about you, don’t say not to. It’s not something I can help, not something I can change, hold me, tell me things aren’t going to be the same. Pattern after pattern, routine on repeat.


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