The time has come

Single and alive To 3 kids and tied, All in what seemed Just one Night.


“Come, spend the weekend with me, Let me show you the city.” 20 years old, a weekend in Madison with out a fake is kind of a bust, so we decided on a movie. Quick dinner at Denny’s and off to the show. The title now, I dont recall, but the way my heart felt, I remember well. He cooked the second night, and “oh my” was it good. The next thing you know I’m back at home. Stomach pains, chills, and bleeding, ER trip with my bestie. There’s a baby now, but it’s struggling to stay, the RH gene is dominating today. He covered his shift, drove for hours, we told the news. After some time, decided to see what happens, now here we are, out daughter is 5. Life’s take a turn that I just don’t like. He’s a wonderful person, but not a great man. He can be a great dad, but only in convenience. The hurtful words, the lack of respect.. the angry tone and bigger threats. I see how she is growing, it’s just not fair. She deserves the world, happiness, and joy. Today the changes begin, to turn things around. For she is the only thing that matters anymore. Our love is gone, the light is dark, but together apart we can give her a new start.


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