The Journey Begins Today

The morning sun rises, my eyes slowly part.

It’s your face that I see in my heart. 

Awake now, your no where to be found. 

This time only a dream, soon baby we will be reality. 

Loving you keeps me going strong, slowly each day brings you closer to me.

You say the past is gone, but without it we’re all wrong.

You say only the future and what you want to see. 

Does that future still include me?

If the path was easy, baby I would already be there. 

Bare with me, trust I am trying. 

The journey is rocky, the path is long, but someday soon, we will have our own song. 


Only A Dream

Got you on my mind All day and every night

You’ve shown me the way

To bring back my light

But when I look up and I can’t see your face

Makes me wonder who now won the race

Each day slowly I work toward my best

But baby without you I can’t even rest

Life took a turn the wrong direction

Lost for a long time in my own digression

Lost sight of who I used to be

Only you can bring that back to me

To love you I wish were just a lie

Because with you I refuse to hide

Each day new a life should start

Just please baby don’t break my heart

You want reality you want fantasy 

Then baby I got all you need 

For the first time in a long time 

Things truely feel real 


Air humid as clouds slowly roll in.

The signs of havoc every where you look.

Hearts racing as the truth unfolds

All the truth we’ve never told

Love is blind and hope is gone

Fixing this just seems all wrong

Broken glass storms a vast

One last cast

Deep breath, hold on tight

Come on baby one more ride