Horrid nightmare

Afraid of what’s lurking in the dark. 

Is it him? Or just a shadow in the wind? 

The door creaks open, a scream escapes. 

But soon enough, I’m bound and gagged. 

Squirming, screaming, trying to run, muscles tensed, not yet undone. 

And still.. No one comes, hears the noise, or do they even care? 

Now he’s gone, with his sick little joys. 

Hiding in the bathroom, all doors are bound. 

No words, no sounds escape my mouth. 

Morning comes, no story is told. Secret stares keep the nightmare fresh. 

The day moves on, she runs away, not even one person can see her pain. 

No more trust, not youn not old. No more trust, not friend or foe. 


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