Realistic Fantasy

 On looking small brave white caps brushing the shells on shore. 

Is it me or is fantasy what I adore? 

White painted shutters n picket fence guarding all that is sacred. All we’ve worked so hard to endure. 

Is it me or is fantasy what I adore?

Solid cathedral doors entering into an openness of antique sovereignty. 

Is it me or is fantasy what I adore?

Rustic spiral ballroom staircase off to the left, dining hall fit for royalty to the right.

Is it me or is fantasy what I adore?

Master bedroom, Cali king sleigh, open botanical waterfall dripping as we speak.

Is it me or is fantasy what I adore?

Laughter echoes down the photo filled hall, little girls dancing, getting ready for a ball. 

Is it me or is fantasy what I adore?

Down through the kitchen, out the back door, the chicken coop, calm and peaceful, the pond silent but so alive. 

Is it me or is fantasy what I adore?

Soon it won’t be fantasy anymore. 


Daddy Poem

This was written my first year of college. This was published in a journal through the university. 

´╗┐Horrid nightmare

Afraid of what’s lurking in the dark. 

Is it him? Or just a shadow in the wind? 

The door creaks open, a scream escapes. 

But soon enough, I’m bound and gagged. 

Squirming, screaming, trying to run, muscles tensed, not yet undone. 

And still.. No one comes, hears the noise, or do they even care? 

Now he’s gone, with his sick little joys. 

Hiding in the bathroom, all doors are bound. 

No words, no sounds escape my mouth. 

Morning comes, no story is told. Secret stares keep the nightmare fresh. 

The day moves on, she runs away, not even one person can see her pain. 

No more trust, not youn not old. No more trust, not friend or foe. 

Together Again

This poem I wrote in high school and was published then in a “Celebrate” book. I just thought it would be fun to share. 

The pain I see in your eyes, it just kills me inside. 

All day long, and through the night, I wonder if you’ll be alright. 

To tell you I love you, I wish were a lie, because inside only can I hide. 

To show my feelings is like nudity, it’s something people rarely see. 

Not many people know me, and only you can see. 

Not telling a soul or saying a word, you understand so perfectly. 

My light is gone, but in our song, friends we will never, together again. 

Empty Destruction

Speckles of rain beating on the windshield as we pull up the drive. My heart sinks a little each time I hear your name. What’s to come of this day, to come of the rain. My life, I’ve given to you, but each day yet, proves not enough. You’ve broken my heart in many ways. Many different times, many different days. You hold each and every piece, turns to dust. What happens to me when there is nothing left.