I want to be more than experimentation,
I want to be your inspiration.
The fuel to your fire.
The reason you push for your dreams.
If all I am is a memory,
make new ones with me.
A different path to friendship,
new direction.
Build on our souls as
we’ve done before.
No more games.
No more drama.
Just fate.
Put destiny in the hands of our maker, our father, our leader. Forgiveness toward each other,
the mistakes we’ve made,
the regrets we hold,
the pain we have caused. Hold close, forever, the “What if’s, the could have been’s, and the will be’s.

Until then, my love. 



Newbie Alert!

Hi there! I don’t know if anyone is reading or can even see this. I am extremely new to the idea of blogging. I have only read a few and have never written one, ever. Any Advice as to how to really get started would be incredibly helpful. I would prefer to some how post to the poetry group, but am unsure of exactly how to do that. I vent and express myself through poetry and would love the opportunity to share those pieces freely. Thank you so much for any input! Hope your day is as amazing as you are! 

For My Special Soldier

Soldier….standing brave. Staring far out into the distance.Remembrance of a time once was, and merely yet to be.

Fighting exquisitely for his land, his beliefs, and those he holds dear.

Strong, intrepid, fearless eyes lock gaze unto mine. Everything else vanishes instantaneously.

A best friend, a lover, a soul mate.

Another time, maybe, another place?

Destiny….it waits.

Just a side note, some days things feel impossible for moving forward and also moving on. But me, I believe in destiny, in truth. If something is meant to happen, no matter how big the dream, a little hard work and time put in, you will achieve.