Bad rap

I’m obviously no rapper n not much of a rhymer, but needed a moment to just ramble n vent and this is what I came up with.

You made your own bed, now lay in it, put your bitch by her dish on the floor, where she belongs, no need for uproar. Me n this girl, we left u behind, I hope your cryin, dying inside. Soon enough all dogs run away, dont come crawling cuz were gone to stay. Your weekend visits dont mean squat, like an uncle who keeps choosing some dumb thot. You think your this big shot, think your hot, news flash yo, your so not. Your personality is ugly as sin, forget what we had, you’ll never have it again. Your blinders are thick to the reality you face, enjoy sharing your bed when your not at your place. Once a tool, always in the shed, I hope you wishing you were dead. What your girls grow from afar, never will they open fully their hearts. You’ve broken them to pieces, they know the truth, their mommas got them, dont worry sir. Take your bad days and excuses away, no one needs them, you, just go away.


Anyone who follows.

Hey guys! I just wanted to say that I am so excited to be up and writing again! I went on a doubt and it’s been a while. When you just can’t focus, your thoughts can be so jumbled. I just wanted to say thank you to anyone reading! I appreciate any feedback anyone may have, I enjoy constructive criticism, as I feel it helps me become a better writer. I am currently on a complete block in my book and writing to discover maybe a new path to take my journey on. Thank you all again.

Got you like Superman

You be my Superman

I’ll be your Lois lane

We’ll take this life on baby

Each n every day

I got you baby, got your back

We gonna set this life on track

Together we stand against it all

Baby we got this, we won’t fall

In your eyes, forever lies

I know this now and won’t stop trying

Not more tears, no more crying

Remember that, there’ll be no lyin.

Hold me close, love me dear,

Life’s too short to live in fear.

Unforgivable Ground

Spontaneous steps slowly taken after a few drinks. The honest side of me starts to escape. You need to know I think your amazing. You need to know that you are.

And in that moment, time ceases to exist. The noise, the people, the music all vanished instantaneously.

Mind, body, and soul shooting sparks so bright, so high, I feel I could fly.

In that moment, I knew it was with you, that the missing piece has been all along. All the past heartache, the loves that were lost, vanish completely, for some reason your all I can se

Morning sun arises, oh what have I done? I need to make this right, for its forbidden, timing most definitely is a given.

Slowly reaching out, and off with a bang. All you had to do was say my name..

Forbidden ground we walk together, hand in hand, for what feels like forever. How can it be that it’s so right, so perfect.

The wind blows, the leaves begin to change, what’s the next step, or is this just a game?

Sad truth

I used to think “Falling in Love, wouldn’t it be great”. In the moment, it is the most wonderful feeling, the butterflies, the serenity, the trust. The moment you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone is something magical, it’s not something that can ever go away. You did not choose that person by accident, your heart chose it for you. When things are happy, good memories, those moments you share together and hold onto forever. When things are hard and everyone feels like giving up, that’s a test. Your heart chose this person, who needs you when they are down, you didn’t choose this, and neither did they. Bad times come upon us all, the fight to be forgiving, the hold on no matter how strong the storm winds may be. At the end of the day, that’s your person. If your lucky enough to find the one you can’t live without, never hold the door for them on the way out. You never give up. Never stop trying. And spend each day as if it’s that first day you fell in love. Live each day as if tomorrow will never come. Make sure your loved ones know how important to you they are.

Let down

They all say, as time passes, this will heal.

This time.. I just don’t think it will.

People get divorced all the time, luckily we hadn’t yet taken that step yet. Don’t be blinded by your dreams. No matter how small they are. Don’t adjust them for what you feel in your heart. Stay true to yourself, and hold on tight. The day will come that you won’t need to fight. The feeling will be natural, you’ll know from day one. Just try hard not to run. Though that could be so easily done.

Missing you

I started my day with you on my mind

My night will end the same this time.

Memories of holding you tight in my arms

Remembering the reason I fight so hard.

Waking up without you by my side,

Each morning kills me inside.

Knowing you chose her is not what hurts..

Knowing you don’t miss me is much worse.

My love for you, even in absence just grows..

Come home baby and hold me close.

Tell me things will be different in every way.

Tell me your heart is here to stay.

Reality I know is not what this is..

can I wake up yet. Can I give in.